Add Motion to Your Scans

A typical medical scan shows you a still snapshot of the body. Joint problems are far from still: they require understanding of what happens when a patient walks, practices sports or sits down on a chair.

Clinical Graphics solves this problem by adding motion to your scans. This gives you insight into the dynamic functioning of hips and shoulders and helps you to make important treatment decisions.

When you send us a scan for analysis we return a 3D PDF file that shows you the joint in motion. The 3D PDF is completely interactive, putting you in the driver's seat to get the information you need for your decision-making.



Make Informed Decisions

CT scans contain subtle yet relevant detail that may be overlooked. Our simulation service aims to reveal this information to support your clinical decisions.


Save Time

Our reports include commonly used radiographic measurements and pre-operative plans that will save you time. A satisfied patient will save you follow-up time as well.


Communicate Visually

Clear communication is essential for good health care. We create reports that are visually attractive and easy to understand, also to the patient.


Dr. David Gusmao ‘

Patients deserve better image analysis. Not just in one clinic but in every clinic.  '

David Gusmao, MD,

Pieter Druyts ‘

You’re just better prepared with these dynamic images.  '


Pieter Druyts, MD,
The Netherlands

Terje ‘

The Clinical Graphics report has helped me to understand my situation!  '

Terje, patient,

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